Spirometry Accessories


The EasyTrace® line of spirometry accessories includes

  • disposable pure cellulose mouthpieces, individually packed for every kind of spirometer
  • single use sterile antibacterial-viral filters with integrated mouthpiece
  • filter adaptors
  • noseclips

They are compatible with the following spirometer brands: Cosmed, Sorin, Fukuda Denshi, Fukuda Sangyo, Medical Graphics, Micromedical, Vitalograph, Mir, Customed.

Information and Prices

For any information, including prices, ordering and special bulk prices do not hesitate to contact us.

MP003-2022-50D. 20-22mmMouthpieces for Cosmed (pediatric)1500
MP003-2426-50D. 24-26mmMouthpieces for Sorin · Fukuda Denshi1500
MP003-2527-50D. 25-27mmMouthpieces for Fukuda Sangyo · Medical Graphics1500
MP003-2830-50D.28-30mmMouthpieces for Micromedical · Vitalograph · Mir1500
MP003-2830-51D. 28-30.5mmMouthpieces for Cosmed1500
MP003-3032-50D. 30-32mmSpirometry Mouthpiece1500
05628Antibacterial - Viral Filters1100
Image MD Ref Size Description Units per box Units per carton