ECG Accessories

ecg accessories

EasyTrace® ECG Accessories include a full range of solid gel electrodes that are ideal for monitoring, stress test and Holter monitoring. They guarantee perfect transmission of the signal and an optimal adhesiveness for easy application and removal. The support is made of biocompatible material. Electrical performance according to ANSI/AAMI EC 12. Different shapes and sizes are available to suit your every need.

The EasyTrace® ECG Accessories line also includes:

  • Clamp electrodes with Ag/AgCl sensor in two sizes adaptable to universal connections .
  • Suction chest electrodes in Ag/AgCl in three sizes
  • Cable/Electrode Adaptors
  • Alligator clips
  • Lead Wires
ECG Electrode R01-11040R01-11040Ø 36mmMonitoring, Stress-Test e Holter502000
ECG Electrode R01-11050R01-11050Ø 43mmMonitoring, Stress-Test e Holter502000
R01-2106042 x 56mmMonitoring, Stress Test and Holter · Special fixing tab for the cable501500
ECG Electrode R01-21080R01-21080Ø 48mmMonitoring, Stress-Test e Holter502000
ECG Electrode R01-41010R01-4110023 x 27mmTab electrode1002500
pediatric clamp02026smallECG clamp electrode with Ag/AgCl sensor adaptable to universal connection440
clamp02023largeECG clamp electrode with Ag/AgCl sensor adaptable to universal connection440
suction chest electrode02034Ø 15mmSuction chest electrode in AG/AgCl660
suction chest electrode02035Ø 24mmSuction chest electrode in AG/AgCl660
suction chest electrode02036Ø 30mmSuction chest electrode in AG/AgCl660
This clip can be used for both Tab and Snap electrodes. Flat bottom keeps clip straight. Fits all pin EKG ends. set of 10
Kendall CA-510 Care Tab A larger surface area, similar to the discontinued MP-3000 tab. Kendall hydrogel for strong adhesion and readings. Latex-free. Compatible with all machines. 10 tabs per card, 100 tabs per pouch, 1000 tabs per case.
Plate Electrodes Straps, Clamp Electrodes, Electrode Suction Bulbs, Electrode Cream Modul USA also carries plate electrodes and straps, clamp electrodes, and suction bulbs, as well as electrode cream.
Adult ECG Resting Tab Electrodes High quality conductive adhesive hydrogel to assure solid tracings and allow for a high percentage of first-time recordings. Adult 34.5 X 22.4 mm resting ECG tab electrodes, Lead wire to clip, Disposable, Economical, Hypoallergenic, latex free, pvc free, Satisfaction Guaranteed Includes enough for 50 ECGs (100 per pack, 5 pckgs/box) - Box of 500 Adult ECG Resting Tab Electrodes
Banana Alligator Clip Lead Adapters Alligator Clips with Socket Connector Compatible with 4mm Banana Plugs Set of 10 Red and 10 Black clips.
Image MD Ref Size Description Units per box Units per carton